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Usui & Shamanic Reiki + Intuitive Guidance

Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Phone: 07791869200
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Layne Arlina is a qualified Usui Reiki Practitioner, employing natural shamanic abilities and psychic insight to bring better awareness of your journey.

~ Usui & Shamanic Reiki Healing ~

Usui Reiki is a non-intrusive healing method, working with your energetic field to activate your self-healing abilities. Layne Arlina has been initiated to second degree by Master Claire Rees.

Being a natural-born Shaman and Psychic, Layne Arlina has been taught by Spirit to provide support to humans and the other kingdoms.

While channeling Reiki, Layne connects with your higher-conscious-self and spirit guides, to remove harmful intrusions and strengthen your auric field. During the session, Layne travels beside your higher-self into realms where you require assistance. Once a balance has been introduced you are guided safely back to your body and grounded; enabling you to begin integrating the changes.

~ Animal Allies Portrait ~

Bespoke works of art portraying your Animal Spirit Guides is a wonderful way for you to visually connect with your loyal Guides. Once your Guide has introduced themself during a healing session, a Reiki infused detailed drawing is then available to you upon request.

~ Animal Healing ~

Known as an 'Intuitive Animal Therapist' at www.MemoryLaynePets.co.uk, Layne energetically connects with animals to provide healing support and form a harmonious bridge between them and their guardian. Using Reiki and Animal Communication, your pet is held by their spirit guides as healing energy is channelled into their body. Many of Layne's clients are those with behavioural / emotional issues who have little confidence or trust in humans.


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