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Carolyne Hill

Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, TS21 3LN
Phone: 07713446850
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When all our needs are met, our energy flows freely, enabling us to fulfill our potential. Unfortunately life circumstances often mean that our physical and emotional needs are unmet and we have to endure situations that cause disturbance in this energy flow.
Disturbance can be caused by a multitude of situations including physical and emotional trauma or the way we learn to make relationships with others through our attachment to our carers in infancy.
Human beings are dynamic and given the opportunity and right environment, they have the ability to change and make healthy choices.
Reiki re-energises and clears disturbance in our energy flow, helping us to live more healthy and authentic lives.
Reiki can be used as a method of relaxation and helps us to become more in tune with ourselves and our bodies.
Reiki can be learned as a technique for self- care, self -development and spiritual growth.
I offer individual Reiki sessions and also offer Reiki in conjunction with counselling.
Reiki is a tool for self- care, self -development and spiritual growth. We can benefit from receiving Reiki from another person and we can also benefit from regularly giving ourselves Reiki to improve or maintain our physical and spiritual health.
I offer Reiki attunements. After a Reiki level one attunement a person is able to give themselves and their friends/family Reiki. After a Reiki level two attunement a person can offer Reiki to the public. Reiki Master /Teacher attunement means a person has the ability to give Reiki attunements.


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