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My Reiki dream

Ingleton, Durham, LA6 3AB
Phone: 07879212151
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I would love to meet an comunicate with people who work with Reiki,share with them my acknoledge and learn from them,as well.I would also like to become a member of the Reiki Federation and take part in Reiki meditations,if there are being held in the towns nearby Ingleton.I would like to talk to people who practice Reiki everyday,who embraced Reiki as a way of living.

Opening Times

Opening Times: I can work every day,I can find a time of the day to practice Reiki.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I do not have a specific location for practising Reiki.All the work I do from from the room where I live in. I am willing to come elsewhere and meet the ones who I would be working with.


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