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Jikiden Reiki

Hartlepool, Durham, TS253QT
Phone: 07581374206
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Jikiden Reiki Wales offers for the first time, authentic Japanese Reiki in the Wales area. Jikiden Reiki Wales is situated in the small town of Treforest in South Wales.

Jikiden translates to ‘directly taught’, it is the original authentic Japanese style of Reiki that was founded decades ago by Mikao Usui, and it has no western influences. Jikiden Reiki seminars are presented with credibility and clarity, they also include information and ideas not previously taught in western Reiki.

Shoden level seminars are delivered on a monthly basis, so you will always have a time suitable for you.

The cost of the Shoden level seminar is £195.
This cost includes training materials and certificates.

The cost to repeat Shoden level is £75.

Please visit www.neilthomasdc.com for more information on Jikiden Reiki and Shihan-Kaku Neil Thomas.


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