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Reiki Spiritual Healing

Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset
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Hello my name is Susan and I am a Qualified Reiki Spiritual Healer. I first started practising Spiritual Healing in the year 2000 in a spiritual centre, after having received healing myself and found it very beneficial and relaxing. I practised as a Probationer for 2 years before sitting a practical and theory examination before becoming a Fully Qualified Spiritual Healer. Then at a later stage I became Reiki Level 1 and 2 Usui and Tibetan Qualified. During my years of practice I have given healing for a variety of different ailments and emotional problems, including Bereavement, Cancer, MS, ME, Migraines, Strokes, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Fatigue, Eating Disorders, Back Pain, Aches & Pains, General Well-being etc.

Reiki Spiritual Healing is a non-invasive, non-denominational form of healing that targets the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of a person, leaving you feeling relaxed and uplifted. You remain fully clothed throughout, Healing can be given either laying down on a therapy couch or sat in a chair. Healing can help reduce symptoms of many conditions.

After an initial consultation, the session will begin with myself channeling the healing energy. Working with the Universal Energy and my Guides, the Healing will begin and the Healing Energy will be directed to where it needs to go most. The aim is to balance your mind, body and the many energy lines that run through your body, clearing your mind of old thoughts, anxiety, de-stressing and calming your whole body and clearing away any excess baggage.

Reiki Spiritual Healing also helps to clear blocked emotions within your heart chakra, that so many people carry around with them, for example, grief, heartache and upsets. Reiki Spiritual Healing works on many energetic levels including the physical body and helps to clear any blockages, which will enable your body to start healing itself.

After the healing session comes to a close, we will sit and discuss the session.

I am a Member of a recognized Healing Association, therefore my Qualifications and Insurance have been verified by them. I hold a current Enhanced DBS Certificate and am also an ITEC Level 3 Diploma Qualified Therapist in Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage & Indian Head Massage. I have worked with people/children of all ages and in the past worked as a Home Care Assistant. I am a friendly, reliable and honest person and wish to be able to help people, as best as I can.

Treatments are available for Ladies Only in the comfort of my Healing Room. Each session includes Reiki Spiritual Healing, Chakra Balance, Aura Cleansing and a Before and After Consultation and lasts approx 1hr 30 minutes.

I am also available to carry out Distant Reiki Spiritual Healing, for further details on this, feel free to message me.

For  further information please feel free to email or contact me via Facebook page www.facebook.com/healing.rays.of.light

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Thank you Sue for your help so far, I have seen some real positive changes in the way I feel. Sue is very professional, friendly and delivers sessions in a relaxed and peaceful environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Wendy from Weymouth.

Donna M
I would highly recommend Sue, she is a very professional friendly and caring lady. I will look forward to future appointments . DM Weymouth

Sue is a kind, caring and professional HEALER who has helped me immensely. I will be having regular sessions to help with on going issues. Definitely recommend to all my friends. Emma from Wool.

I now have a Facebook page listed under healing rays of light dorset, please feel free to have a look and leave a message.

Thank you for looking .............


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