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KerryMarie Enhanced Healing

Weymouth, Dorset
Phone: 07767130773
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Certified level 2 Reiki practitioner. Offering 1-1 sessions of Reiki healing to people of all ages. Relaxation therapy can be included, exploring various techniques such as breathing and meditation to consciously relax the body and mind.

Feedback from clients:

" I had my first session of hands on Reiki with Kerry last week and was amazed at the difference it made to me.

During the session my whole body was tingling and as Kerry moved her hands to different areas they became warm and I felt calm and relaxed.

I feel much calmer and more relaxed in myself now and most of my aches and pains have now disappeared, the more persistant ones that remain are not nearly as bad as they were and I plan to continue having Distance Healing with Kerry now that I am back home...until next time I visit and then I will definitely be having another hands on session of Reiki!"

C Aston- Swindon.

"I saw Kerry to try out Reiki as it was something I'd always fancied and was interested in whether it could actually work. Kerry made me feel very at ease answering any questions I had which helped to eliviate any nerves I had about what to expect.

The whole experience was very comforting. Led on the relaxing heated table, with soft music & candles lite Kerry began with a little meditation. She then placed her hands on different parts of my body and through my clothes and a warm blanket I felt the healing heat coming through. I felt different sensations at different points, my legs felt as if they were floating, there was movement in my stomach and I was beginning to see colours!

Kerry and I discussed my Reiki experience after the session and she explained why I had felt these things. Kerry gave me some information to go away with so I could read and research further if I wished to. Immediately after the session I felt overwhelming calmness. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt that relaxed. It was absolutely incredible!

I feel strongly that Reiki worked and will definitely return to Kerry for further sessions. She is an amazing healer! Thanks Kerry".

T Edwards Rose- Weymouth

Opening Times

Opening Times: Please contact to arrange a date/time that suits you.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Quay Holistic's. Chapelhay. Weymouth.


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