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Wheel of Creating

Torquay, Devon, TQ1 4AG
Phone: 07780069438
Website Address: https://wheelofcreating.com/
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Wheel of Creating was designed to help you link, heal and fortune-create. I offer reiki sessions and guidance both face to face and remotely. If you want to see what people are saying about me, type 'Wheel of creating' on Google or Yell.com or Yably.co.uk.

A few words about reiki:

Reiki energy is a subtle energy, its source being a higher power. Connecting to this energy is stronger when certain aspects are fulfilled and it is easier, therefore, to be channeled towards the higher good of the person receiving it. These aspects are related both with the practitioners genetic inheritance, life style, plus some are being taught in special courses and transmitted in attunements. A Reiki treatment often feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

Reiki improves physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. It acts on:
Improving the immune system
Releasing emotional stress
Cell repair
Help in coping with difficulties
Enzyme function
Oxygen uptake
Absorption of nutrients
Wound repair
Pain relief
Releasing of endorphins
Reducing negative effects of chemotherapy
Bringing a sense of well-being and calm
An so on…

Reiki can be channeled both in person or long distance.
Long distance reiki sessions are performed by using a picture of the person to send Reiki to, by writing the person’s name on a piece of paper or by meditating, hence connecting to the person energetically, with the practitioner in an Alpha or Theta state; also activating the distant symbol, Reiki can be sent to them no matter where they are. The distant sessions are organized in advance. The receiver has to ensure that during the session they are relaxing and not performing any activities that require their attention such as driving a car.

The best way to understand reiki is by feeling it.

A few words about me:

Intuitive / Empathic / From a very intuitive family
Psychology student at ‘The Open University’
Battled, bruised and analyzed 46 years
Lived in a few countries
My heart is in the sky, but my feet are on the ground
Balanced / Peaceful
Don’t own a TV set / Quit watching TV in 2011
I do not take myself too seriously
I take every one of my clients very seriously

Opening Times

Opening Times: 8 AM - 9PM every day of the week and weekends.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: 30 seconds from Coach Station. Parking space off road. The house is in the diagonal of a small petrol station 'Harvest energy'. Take the outside stairs, it's written 'Mihaela', my name on the door bell.


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