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Green Woman Reiki – Energy Synergist

Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ74EE
Phone: 07940576310
Website Address: https://www.facebook.com/greenwomanreiki
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Reiki healing services that Lisa offers:

*Releasing present & past stagnant and blocked energies
*Acceleration of natural healing processes in the body
*Enabling a healthier flow of Life Force that can lead to positive changes
*Restoring balance & harmony to your physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing
*A unique style of guided Journeywork
*Facilitating connection to your Spirit Guides and Power Animals
*Holding a safe space for you to explore all the possibilities to embodying wholeness
*Long distance healing and Journeywork undertaken via Whatapp

As well as being a practicing energy synergist, Lisa Dionne Pugh is an art teacher and co-founder of The Deer Wood Trust; a not-for-profit conservation and education based social enterprise. She lives in this woodland with her partner Marc Biddle, in South Devon, England.

After many years of living in chronic pain and fatigue from the condition known as Fibro Myalgia, her marriage suddenly broke up and she was left in the worst physical and emotional state she had ever been in. But then, unexpectedly, her life completely changed. She re-connected with her old school friend Marc after 20 years apart. This event not only re-kindled her love for life but also love for her own self.

This was the key that unlocked her determination to get well.

It took 4 years of dedication along with the move to their life in the woodland that enabled Lisa to make not just a full recovery, but actually be stronger on every level; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Because she has healed herself she is now able to share this knowledge and help facilitate the healing of others should they so choose.

Central in her unique manner and system of healing is Reiki in which she is qualified as a Master –Usui Tibetan

Opening Times

Opening Times: Flexible, every day except Sundays

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Please e-mail for directions


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Joanna Thrussell
Rating :

I was recommended Lisa by a friend.
I wanted to have the journey healing, I have to say it was one of the most powerful experiences I have had. A safe and relaxed atmosphere. I have not stopped raving about it!! I would recommend to anyone.

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