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Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0HY
Phone: 07837669391
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I am a reiki practitioner living in Ivybridge, Devon.

My aim is to hold a safe sacred space for my clients to take a pause from the responsibilities of life, return to themselves, and receive the gift of reiki energy healing. I am passionate about bringing this natural gentle but powerful form of healing and energy into mainstream healthcare; to be accessible to the elderly, individuals living with chronic conditions, trauma, pain, or mental illness. Reiki (prana/chi) is the natural life force energy that flows through all living things. It is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside clinical approaches, or on its own. I often combine it with other holistic treatments such as aromatherapy and crystals. I offer a mobile service if required, and also offer healing therapy for pets.

Witnessing the incredible results of natural energy healing with all aspects of health and wellbeing has been truly life changing for me. To watch a client relax and see the difference in their energy, vitality and mood even after a 30 minute
session is truly humbling.
Naming just a few..., reiki is effective with stress, trauma, depression, Auto immune and neurological conditions, anxiety and chronic pain. As a natural holistic treatment it works on all aspects of self (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). The body knows what it needs to heal. Reiki re-awakens our connection to nature, clears our energy channels releasing any blockages and restoring the energetic balance required for physical and mental wellbeing.

A reiki treatment allows clients to take much needed time for themselves, and the benefits of this in combination with the healing energies are widespread. Sessions enable relaxation and a reconnection with our true nature . Treatment promotes relaxation, and natural gentle healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Having experienced life as a sole carer for a loved one, I understand the significant emotional, social and financial challenges this brings to families. I offer 50 % off to unpaid carers who are caring for a family member at home. This can be a treatment for yourself or the person you care for.

I can visit you at home or alternatively, you can visit my home therapy space if time away from the home environment feels the preferable option.

In modern society, we have lost touch with the old ways and secrets of connecting us to who we are at the core. We reach out to others to try and find that connection through social media, relationships and technology; but the feeling of true peace and connection often remains elusive. Our ancestors understood the vital role of energy, and the connection to the earth in our lives. Such connection acts as an inner compass to keep us on track and bring fulfilment and passion to our world. Ancient civilisations understood so much that we have lost. Our brains have taken over, and the constant mental chatter disconnects us from our quiet, peaceful centre. Modalities such as reiki bring us back to source, to the healing energy of nature, a universal energy that connects all living things, and re-awaken the body's ability to heal itself from the inside. When we experience chronic stress or trauma in our lives, our energetic systems often become blocked which contributes to the symptoms reflected in our mental and physical health. I never cease to be inspired by the natural holistic support that reiki can offer clients at those traumatic or transitional points in life that can leave us feeling lost, isolated and disconnected.

To book a reiki treatment email me at jane@loveyourlight-reiki.com




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