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Soulistic Therapy

Littleover, Derbyshire, De233ub
Phone: 07779243687
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To give you an idea who I am, and to tell you a little about me, I’ll tell you about my journey so far.

I have spent most of my life working with people in many different contexts, with a fascination for people and who they are; which led me to completing a psychology degree and eventually the decision to train as a psychotherapist.

My initial training was as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, this was great, I could start to understand people at a greater depth and offer tools to people to help them overcome difficulties they were experiencing.

However, that approach did not fit all my clients, so I looked towards more relational and humanistic approaches in psychotherapy. I trained in Psychological Counselling and Gestalt Psychotherapy which meant I could now not only understand people’s processess and offer tools to help, but that I could connect with them at a deeper emotional and relational level, enabling them to have more fulfilled relationships.

I had a fascination with working with trauma and so trained as an EMDR Practitioner.
This was all great, I could work with many different people from different approaches depending on what they needed.

It was while training as a Gestalt psychotherapist that I became more aware of and interested in body orientated therapies. Gestalt Psychotherapy includes a focus on body process and I found this made total sense, so I disappeared off to Esalen, California, to join a symposium of body therapists. On my return I began in depth research in psychotherapists’ approach to the body.

At this stage I felt I had a excellent grounding in different approaches in Psychotherapy, I was teaching and running courses in Psychotherapy at the Local University, I became a Learning and Teaching Advisor and worked closely with Professional Bodies accrediting psychotherapy courses.

The body was fascinating and I wanted to learn more, to deepen my understanding of people who are more body orientated, or feel like they don’t have a body.

So I started Kinesiology training. This was the beginning of a whole new journey, it opened up a whole different world and way of thinking. It introduced me to different ways of understanding the body and energy systems, so much so that I then undertook training in Energy Therapy; and from Energy Therapy to various forms of Meditation, Laughter Yoga and eventually training in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.

So now I use an integrative and eclectic approach to therapy. I integrate the different approaches to offer a holistic approach, to cover mind, body and spirit, to help heal the soul. The training and experience I have have been integrated to what I call Soulistic Therapy and is also a part of Human Trinity Principles, which offers tools to enable to people to understand their journey and experience their ‘Life Awakening’.

I also have two little Basset Hounds, Dotty and Maisey Moo, who can also sometimes help as therapeutic aids as I believe strongly in the therapeutic value of animals and nature and am a Certified Therapist in Animal Assisted Therapy.

* Further information regarding all the therapies mentioned can be found in the therapy section of the website. Www.soulistic-therapy.co.uk

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies
Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
Masters in Psychological Counselling
Five years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy
A PGCert in Inter-Professional Education
BSc (Hons) Psychology
EMDR Level 2
Certificate in Energy Therapy
Certificate in Laughter Yoga / gibberish professor
Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy

Professional bodies
A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Brithish Association of the Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) accredited Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor
Member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Contact me on jillian.a.schofield@gmail.com or 07779243687, for further information look at my website www.soulistic-therapy.co.uk


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