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My Peace of Mind

Derby, Derbyshire, DE65 5FF
Phone: 07555 087901
Website Address: www.mypeaceofmind.online
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This wonderful healing therapy (which is similar to Reiki) addresses deep, hidden memories of past trauma or difficulty and lifts painful feelings away to clear the mind and body of anything getting in the way of health.    Do you ever feel emotional when you think about a past painful event such as relationship issue, bereavement, trauma etc?  The emotions are still within your body.  Spectrum Healing gently releases these emotions and leaves you feeling better on a deep level.  It is a form of closure and you can then move forward in our life.  These emotions, if left in the body, can cause difficulties such distress, physical issues, emotional issues, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm, pain, digestive issues, etc.


Helena leads a unique seven week programme for times when life is difficult - depression, stress, anxiety, unable to cope. Or when life feels difficult with no joy or prospect of positive change, maybe feeling like life is passing you by. Also relationship difficulties, low self esteem, no confidence, low mood.

The programme uses Spectrum Healing (similar to Reiki) which clears limiting ideas about ourself and our life, past difficulties getting in the way of our happiness and other stuck patterns we follow. In its place we can re-programme our subconscius mind with positive beliefs and then we start to live with these new values and ideas.

The programme also uses Mindfulness techniques to give us a new, positive approach to our future so that any challenges that come along can be faced with grace, acceptance, calm and confidence.

Have you ever wondered how some people are infused with confidence and their life seems easy? Why can't we all be like that? There is a solution - we need to learn to have confidence in ourselves and, actually, it's not difficult once we know the rules. Helena is a specialist in emotional and mental health conditions, and can point the way to a new postiive future. Nothing changes until we make the changes ourselves! Are you ready to make the change and enjoy the new you? Give Helena a call for more information.

One to one tuition or small group tuition.  Course dates are displayed on the website under "programme".


Opening Times

Opening Times: Please see website for details.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Beautiful clinic setting in Hilton, Derbyshire.


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Mark Eaton
Rating :

I chose Reiki because I was very stressed with work. A few days after Reiki with Helena I felt that there was a release in tension, it’s difficult to explain what a difference one hour made, I feel I can cope much better.

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