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Elemental Indigo

Kendal, Cumbria
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I started working with Reiki in 2009, after I had what you might term a ‘spiritual awakening’. I prefer to think of it as a re-awakening to the things I already knew – I grew up as an only child in a rural area, so feeling connected to and being aware of subtle energies was totally normal for me. Unfortunately (and as many a Sensitive often finds), the essence of who I am got buried under the usual pressures of growing up!

If you’re wondering about the name ‘Elemental Indigo’, It combines two of my traits that I bring to my healing work – I’m an Indigo Adult with a strong elemental or earth connection. I’ve seen and felt how holistic therapies can benefit us on much more thanjust a physical level, and I aim to share this message and energy with others in a way that isn’t too ‘airy-fairy!’


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