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Heaven/Earth Harmony

Guildford, Cornwall, gu1 1lp
Phone: 07530 666576 or 01483 440355
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I teach Usui Reiki on a one to one or Group basis and will usually travel to wherever I am needed,

I have helped many people from all walks of life in just 7 years here are some of the benefits to receiving healing:

The benefits of having healing are: It is deeply relaxing, Stress and pain relief, Removal of all emotional issues and programming, Releases trapped energies, Restores vitality and energy to organs, Accelerates the self healing ability of the body, Removal of chords and attachments, Frees the Meridian system for uninterrupted energy flow throughout the body, Supports the immune system, Helps with etheric and past life issues, Removal of energetic blockages from this and other lives, Cleanses, revitalises and balances the whole complete chakra system, Relieves painful joints, ligament damage, Peace of mind, Aids in better sleep, Works in conjunction with medical treatment and therapy, Reduced or no side effects from Chemotherapy/radiotherapy and cancer treatments.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 10am onwards: Please call for an appointment or email me for information on courses and one to one training.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: near stoke mill, stoke traffic lights next to the Rowbarge in Maple Grove in Guildford


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