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John Bride Angelic Reiki ® Professional Practitioner

Ruabon / Rhiwabon, Clwyd
Phone: 07549202692
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I am charted and professional practitioner of Angelic Reiki ®

Angelic Reiki® 121 in Person Healing (inc. Angel Card Reading) £35 for 1 hour

Angelic Reiki is a safe, completely natural, system of multidimensional angelic healing which can address physical, emotional and psychological imbalances as well as provide healing in connection with spiritual issues. Angelic Reiki angelic healing can be used alongside orthodox medicine and/or other complementary therapies.
Angelic Reiki multidimensional angelic healing treatments are suitable for anyone, of any age, who is ready - not just to accept the power of angelic healing - but who is also truly ready to embrace the 'invitation to change' offered by Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters, which includes the challenge of facing up to and dealing with (rather than suppressing) your 'stuff'.
Angelic Reiki multidimensional angelic healing sessions lasts approx 1 hour and connect you at a soul level with the Angelic Realms. Treatments involves gentle touch. You lie on a therapy couch fully clothed, relaxing deeply while angels connect with you through your consciousness to bring whatever healing and consciousness expansion best suits your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs at that particular time.
A angel card reading is also given at the end of the session.
Benefits of Angelic Reiki®
+More Energy
+ Less Suffering
+ Greater Clarity
+Greater Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Consciousness
+Ability to make the changes you want
+Teaches you to allow yourself to move through emotions rather than suppress them
+Less Pain, More Freedom in Body, Mind & Spirit
+ Release Stored emotion so you are Less Reactive to Negative Emotions
+ Generates practices for releasing what no longer serves you
+Self Compassion & Love
<+More gratitude and Joy 1 Hour inc Angel Card Reading £35 BOOKING NOW Email- mrbee86@hotmail.co.uk Call- 07549202692


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