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Susan Drawbridge Reiki Master

Conwy, Clwyd, LL32 8DL
Phone: 07941503262
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Reiki complimentary therapy and for both you and your animal friends.

Teaching all levels including private 1 to 1 teaching in your own home or at my shared office. Fully qualified Usui Reiki Master. DBS registered.

I provide Reiki both "hands on" and over distance but I specialise in distance treatments. Distance is no barrier and the Reiki universal love energy knows no boundaries. I feel that distance treatments can be more profound as they do away with any potential barriers to relaxation due to shyness or discomfort and are more intense. Distance enables me to get a better connection spirit to spirit without any distractions and a more powerful Reiki treatment can be delivered in a shorter time, at a lower cost.

I am very enthusiastic to teach Reiki to everyone - I think the World would be a better place if everyone knew how to tap into the Reiki energy. Everyone can learn to channel the Reiki energy - it is simpler than you would imagine. I am available to teach privately 1 to 1 in your own home or at my shared office, or alternatively in small classes of 2 to 3. Each level takes one long afternoon session. It is a wonderful way of "finding the real you" and empowering yourself to overcome illness or other life challenges.

If you wish to gain a deeper understanding and relationship with your companion animal then learning Reiki is a wonderful way of doing this.

Reiki is a gentle energy and animals are particularly receptive to it. I've always been fascinated by communicating with animals and Reiki has given this a whole new dimension. This is my passion and I have been blessed with experiences that have been both rewarding and amazing.

I adore all animals and so I specialise in using Reiki with animals - I have my "Precious Paws Animal Reiki" business. I have a special place in my heart for horses, dogs, guinea pigs and birds. Horses have such wonderful energies and I have been drawn to them since I was very small, so I also have my "Divine Equine Reiki" business.


How does Reiki work? Reiki is a universal love energy, which the client draws down through me acting as a channel. Only as much as is needed is drawn, and it immediately goes where it is needed, treating the underlying cause of any dis-ease and healing holistically body, mind and spirit. Reiki will go where your higher self wants the healing and where it is needed. Reiki cannot be abused as it is a pure love energy and it cannot be overdosed.

Reiki speeds healing, calms and relaxes, helps emotional and mental problems and traumas, and can ease transition into the next world. Reiki re-balances the whole energy body. A Reiki session is a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Reiki changed my life - it could change yours too! I went from being a sceptic (I have an honours degree in science from Birmingham University) to a firm believer after just one Reiki session! Please contact me for an informal chat about Reiki and how it might help you, someone close to you, or your animal companions.


9 Reviews/Comments on "Susan Drawbridge Reiki Master"

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Rating :

Susan performed my Reiki Level 1 attunement and it was a fantastic experience!
I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about Reiki and those who wish to perform healing on themselves and eventually on others.

robert knight
Rating :

I am usually a sceptic when comes to this sort of thing, but Susan has performed a number of Reiki sessions for me over some months and I can honestly say that Reiki works!.
She also quietened a distressed and barking dog, sent it to sleep?, I am amazed

Claire Still
Rating :

Yesterday evening, Pirate had his first Reiki session with Reiki Master, Susan Drawbridge. All of the dogs reacted; Pirate fell asleep about two-thirds of the way through and the other three all suddenly wanted fusses and cuddles and were being affectionate towards each other as well as me, which is unusual because they normally spend their waking hours chasing around and play fighting.
It was a very peaceful and positive time and I hope to have at least one more session for Pirate, who does seem calmer today. Think I might have to book some sessions for myself actually.

Lesley McCann
Rating :

Fabulous reiki master! Wonderful attunement. I was made to feel very welcome and really pleased to say I have a new friend and mentor. I could not recommend Susan highly enough. Love and light xxxx

Wendy Lomas
Rating :

I would highly recommend Susan for Equine reiki. She came to see my two warm blood horses for reiki with amazing results. Susan was calm and gentle around them and both horses completely relaxed and enjoyed the whole session. Since they have had their reiki treatment I can definately notice they look happier and more relaxed. I will definitely book Susan again to Gove reiki treatments to my horses.

Rebecca Smith
Rating :
Had first reiki session with Susan for my dog Ellie yesterday. Would giver her 10 stars if i could. She done the reiki session om the same day so didnt have to wait and kept us informed the whole time and any questions we had, she answered striaght away in a timely and friendly manner. During the reiki session, ellie was completely relaxed and was purring like a cat, no sign of stress at all. Afterwards she was sleepy (as Susan advised she would be) but the day after she was running round and being her normal mischievous self like… Read more »
Rebecca Smith
Rating :
Had further reiki treatments for one of my dogs Ellie. Before having reiki, Ellie seemed to be really struggling, we was getting really concerned about her but after reiki she is like a puppy again, running round, in the play bow, teasing my other dog Alfie. And her hips,they was really bony and wasting away but now seem to be plumper and not as wasted away and she can defo walk/stand better then before reiki. The reiki was so effective on ellie,my dad decided to try it too. He has alot of pain in prostate area and was abit down… Read more »
Linda Heyen
Rating :

Susan has just given me my first Reiki healing.
It was a wonderful experience, and l highly recommend her.

Rating :
Just had surgery 28.7- removal of prostate. Been having reiki with susan since my surgery and i was more or less back to beimg able to walk only a couple of days after surgery. The nurses was amazed by how fast i was recovering after a major op. During my reiki i have seen some of my dead relatives, pets and a temple, all which was amazing experiences. Used Susan’s reiki with my late pet Ellie and one of my current dogs Alfie. Alfie was really down and confused after ellie passed but after reiki he seemed like he was… Read more »

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