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Reiki in Edinburgh Centre

Stockbridge, City of Edinburgh, EH3 5BA
Phone: 07952 641366
Website Address: johnramsayhealing.com
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John  practises Reiki, a light-contact healing treatment which heals body and mind. It is a balancing therapy – if a person’s system is more in balance ill health symptoms fall away.  Treatment lessens the negative effects of stress,  reduces physical pain, lessens depression and anxiety and improves energy levels. It can help improve sleep, lessen symptoms of asthma and arthritis and reduce the side effects of medication. It can help with chronic and longstanding health issues.

A Reiki treatment takes place with the client lying fully-clothed on a massage table with a covering towel while the therapist lightly places their hands in a sequence of positions on the front then back of the body. This lasts for an hour during which the client will usually feel more and more relaxed.

John has been a Reiki Healing Practitioner since 1995 and is a Western Reiki Master Teacher  and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. More recently he has also trained in the original Japanese form of Reiki.  John is in the process of training as a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and is a member.  He works at Cleanse Fior Holistic Therapy Centre in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.



Opening Times

Opening Times: 4.30-7.30pm Mon-Thu
1.30-7.30 Friday
10-4 Saturday

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Next to Stockbridge library on Hamilton Place.


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David Irvine
Rating :

I have had a number of healing sessions with John. His kind and compassionate approach to his healing practice put me at ease. I feel so energised after my sessions and this feeling of wellbeing has continued

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