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KSC Crystals (Reiki)

Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 0EQ
Phone: 01625 250345
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There are no rules to follow when selecting crystals, the stone that you choose (or the stone that chooses you) could be tumbled, cut and polished, clear or coloured. Your instinct will guide you to the stone that will help you the most. Always follow your intuition, if you trust in your feelings, you can be sure that the crystal that you are drawn to is the right one for you at this time in your life. Other people may offer their opinion about a particular stone, which you may not agree with, you must trust your own feelings and follow your instinct.

If a crystal is meant for you, you will feel an instant attraction to that stone, it can be likened to meeting a stranger for the first time and having an instant attraction or uncomfortable feeling about them. You may not be able to explain why in rational or logical terms, but simply sense inside whether or not you are on the same wavelength. It’s exactly the same with stones. All crystals vibrate on a particular frequency, just as human being do, and the crystals that appeal to you the most will be those that vibrate on a similar frequency to your own and that are the most beneficial to you at this particular stage in your progression.


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