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Zen Reiki Cambridgeshire

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6HR
Phone: 07946411068
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I am a qualified Reiki Teacher / Master & experienced Practitioner working from the Cambridgeshire area. I work from my thereapy room in Chatteris and as a mobile therapist. I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Reiki is an eastern origin energy therapy technique that promotes relaxation and healing.

Reiki addresses physical, emotional imbalances by initiating deep relaxation and brings about a feeling of harmony and well-being. It is a fabulous therapy for helping to bring balance and clarity of mind. Reiki can be a great addition to conventional therapies. Reiki may help reduce the less pleasant side effects of some medicines.

The treatment involves laying or sitting in a chair if this is more comfortable for the client. You remain fully clothed (other than shoes). 'Mood' music is often played to create a relaxed ambiance and enhance the session , though this is not necessary if a client prefers silence. Clients will feel deep sense of relaxation and may be taken into a meditative state. Some will also feel heat, cool or tingling where energy is focused.

For those new to Reiki a taster sessions are available.

Please feel free to contact me for further information & to see if I am the 'right' reiki practitioner for you (As with most things in life you will be drawn to the practitioner that suits you).

Please contact me for further information regarding Equine Reiki or reiki workshops.


2 Reviews/Comments on "Zen Reiki Cambridgeshire"

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Susanna Bee
Rating :

Having never had reiki before I was not sure what to expect – but I loved the experience – very relaxing. My stress just melted away. I will definitly book with Sue again soon!

Apryl Webb
Rating :
Thank you Sue What a fantastic hour (and I must admit the hour went very quickly). As you know I have to take some very aggresive and toxic drugs, which have some very debilitaing side effects, but after the hours Reiki session with you, the joint pains and pulled muscles reduced considerably over the next few days when they have previously taken weeks, months and even upto a year to get better. … There are many medical conditions and illnesses such as cancers which you have no option but to take traditional medicine. These treatments can be hard to live… Read more »

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