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Usui, Karuna Reiki & Anusha Treatments and Training & Metatronic Healing

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 6DG
Phone: 01296 696285
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Choose to live your life from a place of love not fear by freeing energetic blocks held deep in your subconscious through Energy healing therapies:-

Reiki, Ansuha and Metatronic healing (bringing in the high frequency energies of the mighty Archangel Metatron).

These therapies and training are for Anyone:-

* Seeking better health and vitality
* Greater self-awareness
* A deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment
* Personal transformation

By energetically clearing old patterns and conditioned thinking from our celluar memories the stories of limitation and separation and all that disempowers us are released allowing us to reconnect with our mystical selves.

Pippa merivale the founder of Metatronic Healing says "the belief is that the reason why we are here is to grow and to transcend our conditions of fear and lack and to find our way back to love".

Learn them for your own self healing and spiritual development or expereince treatments to de-clutter your thoughts emotions and body of long held patterns.

What is Anusha Healing?
Anusha is an exciting new energy healing system channelling the sparkling brilliance and scintillating energy of the stars. The word Anusha means, “Beautiful morning, the first rays of light at dawn”. Anusha is an extraordinary energy which fosters an exquisite sense of peace and calm in the recipient.

Anusha brings us home to the truth inside ourselves. Its emphasis is on similarity rather than difference, on unity and sharing rather than duality and division, on harmony and balance rather than discord and disequilibrium.

Anusha integrates beautifully with other healing modalities,
is easy to learn yet direct and powerful.Anyone who has Reiki Level One will benefit with enhanced healing skills through learning Anusha.

To find out more about training in this scintillating new energy from the stars contact Louise

Why Karuna Reiki?
If you are a Master Practitioner/ Teacher of Usui Reiki then Karuna is a natural advancement to your existing skills. Brining in te gentle but most beautiful energies of Kwan yin, Jesus, Mother Mary and Avalokishara, you will be delighted with the pure beauty of this magnificent energy.

You learn 4 symbols at each level which work on deep and profound levels of healing. I have found it the most wonderful energy to work with and if you are interested in sound toning and chanting are also part of this system.

Metatronic Healing -one to one sessions and Meditation groups
Metatron is described as ‘the Archangel who bridges heaven and earth’ & ‘the Angel of God's Presence’. Metatronic Healing is guided by the energies of Archangel Metatron.

What happens during a Metatronic Healing session?
The sessions include an incredibly deep & profound Metatron guided healing meditation to “remove the story from the body. You will be taken through a guided relaxation, you will then be asked to intuitively go within your body to where memories are held. Metatron energies will guide you & then be channelled to the blocks in the body where core issues are stored beneath your conscious awareness in the cellular memory. He will then dissolve the self-sabotaging stories, the I am powerless, not good enough, lacking in talent, health or wealth stories.

Metatronic energies gently penetrate to the root of these blocks; this doesn’t mean wiping out your personal history & whatever is held dear but it is by dissolving stories of limitation & separation that deep healing occurs leading to the opening of the heart centre & to new & abundant realities for yourself & those around you.

Regular sessions are advised either as group or on a one to one basis.
It is not a magic wand but profound changes may be experienced after one or more sessions. Please contact Louise for further information

Opening Times

Opening Times: Contact Louise for details

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Private home practise Wendover & Offering Metatronic Healing Meditation group in Chesham & Wendover & venues in Buckinghamshire


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Martin Page
Rating :

I have learnt so much from Lousie over the years. She is a compassionate and caring teacher and Facilitator who brings out the best in her students.

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