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Reiki, Integrated Healing & Kinesiology in Bristol & On-line

Bristol, Bristol, BS1 5EH
Phone: 07989 37 6656
5 based on 9 review(s).


I practice Reiki & Integrated Healing  ~ one of the most advanced forms of kinesiology currently available, combining Reiki healing , Life Coaching, NLP and Kinesiology to create a powerful and effective approach to healing.

These modalities remove deep seated underlying causes and energetic blocks, helping you to reach your full potential.

I work from Orchard Street, in central Bristol, at The Practice Rooms in Bath and On-Line.

Arrange an initial FREE 15 minute call with me now, without obligation.

Sensitive people especially welcome!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Opening Times

Opening Times: Appointments are available Tuesday to Saturday morning. Please enquire for current availability.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info:
My practice is in Orchard street, located near the bottom of Park Street in Bristol. On the main bus route through town. Parking meters or Trenchard Street car park 2 minutes away.

I also work remotely on-line.


9 Reviews/Comments on "Reiki, Integrated Healing & Kinesiology in Bristol & On-line"

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Rating :

Tabitha has a very gentle and reassuring manner that puts you at ease immediately. Her Reiki sessions are very relaxing and give you an great sense of wellbeing. Since having Reiki and Kinesology sessions with Tabitha I have felt calmer and more confident in dealing with personal problems.

Jenny S
Rating :

I have had Reiki sessions with Tabitha for over 2 years, initially to help as a short term solution for a situation I was in.

I felt the sessions to be so beneficial that I continued going to see after the initial problem was being dealt with. The Reiki sessions give me the tools to cope with challenging day to day work and life situations moving forward.

I would highly recommend Tabitha and her Reiki practice to anyone suffering from issues in their lives, which require a bit of extra help without the use of traditional prescribed medicine.

Len Leaper
Rating :

I have been healed by Tabitha and her work has been of much value to me. Tabitha is an intuitive healer and the Reiki platform suits her perfectly.
I fully recommend Tabitha…
I have some experience..I am a Reiki Master Teacher…
Tabitha is a fully worthy practitioner…

Rating :
I have been visiting Tabitha for around 6 months now, I cannot reccommend her enough. If you are considering an appointment all I can say is book it, the results are simply amazing. Tabitha has a wonderful way of just knowing what you need right there and then. Her gentle personality makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. I highly reccommend these sessions, I find them priceless and wouldnt be without them. After a difficult couple of years and some hard changes at work to face, my sessions with Tabitha have made me so much stronger and able to… Read more »
Rating :
I have been having integrated healing sessions with Tabitha for almost a year, a year which has in parts been very challenging in terms of career and personal circumstances. Tabitha’s grounded, empathetic and kind nature has been fundamental to establishing the trust needed for deep energy and emotional balance during times of challenge and it has enabled deeper understanding of how to make positive change within the ‘flow’ times, when life has been settled and less stressful. My most recent balance was very powerful and explored emotions and energy which were deeply hidden and unexpected! While I am still working… Read more »
Megan Lord
Rating :
Tabitha has really helped me re-balance myself. I am a busy individual and often struggle on my own to create a happy work/life balance. I’m self employed and love what I do so it’s easy to drive myself into the ground. Tabitha is like a self care assistant reminding you to prune and nourish yourself for the long haul. It’s half councelling and half healing. Good for the mind, body and soul. I really suffer with a heavy menstrual cycle. Tabitha has worked wonders with healing but also simple lifestyle changes through her suggestions have had a great impact on… Read more »
C Kemp
Rating :
I’ve met with Tabitha twice now. The first time I had a reiki session and most recently a keinisiology session with a view to perhaps helping with some long held anxiety issues which I’ve held. I’m not quite sure how to describe my treatments. They’re almost something which need to be felt more than described. I’m a logical thinking person with a professional services career and didn’t research the concept too much prior to attending. It’s still only a few days since my kinesiology session but I really do feel a markable change in my sense of being. Really very… Read more »
Rating :

I have had just 2 session from Tabitha, of integrated healing a combination of kinesiology & reiki. Both times with immediate effect I was amazed how different I felt, resulting in how I wanted to feel – more balanced, focused, clarity and strong. It’s a no-invassive treatment and it’s fascinating how it’s your own body has the answers. Tabitha is very intuitive with has a friendly & gentle approach which puts you immediately at ease. Highly recommend for children & adults. Thank you.

Rating :

I feel like I have turned my life around, not through concrete things but within my mind/soul/body. This has been enormously aided and guided by Tabitha and Raiki and I cannot stress enough how kind, gentle and reassuring Tabitha is.

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