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Essential Empowering Reiki

Bracknell, Berkshire, RG422BT
Phone: 07956056103
5 based on 6 review(s).

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I am a Master practitioner and teacher, of Usui Reiki.

I have gained a client base via word of mouth / recommendation.

We work together to understand the issues the client is facing and once the reiki has been administered I provide intuitive coaching, based on the outcomes of the session.
I am happy to come to the client home, or the client can come to me.

The benefits of Reiki are profound, if you are struggling with any past or present issues that are holding you back, getting in the way of life, or if you have got to a place where you are not sure what to do call me for a chat.

Reiki is also very beneficial for bereavement and cancer.

If you are interested in Reiki training please ask me for details.
I scheduled course on demand. Treatments by appointment.

Opening Times

Opening Times: My working hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I am just off the Binfield road.
There is ample parking on the drive.


6 Reviews/Comments on "Essential Empowering Reiki"

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Vicky Smith
Rating :

Indian head massage – not what I was expecting but SO much better!
With the Reiki I really felt I had “let go” of harmful stuff, a very free feeling. I thoroughly recommend Bev.

Martina Stewart
Rating :

I really enjoyed reiky session with Beverley , I felt very relaxed and happy. I can’t wait to go and see her again 🙂

Cheryl Lambert
Rating :

Thank you for your healing reiki treatment, my 3rd treatment was the best, I felt I had released some dark shadows of mind and felt that I had forgiven my past and moved forward to the present. Transformational and still feeling the healing…

Sarah Doherty
Rating :

Really enjoyed the Reiki 1 two day course, Beverley is a very good teacher and now my family can benefit from me being able to give them a Reiki treatment! 🙏

Cheryl Lambert
Rating :
I feel truly blessed and know my whole life has shifted after receiving three Reiki treatments from Beverley Roberts. My Reiki treatment experience lifted my darkness and opened up new doors, feeling energised physically and emotionally. I can now see with a different clearer perspective and follow my intuition before making decisions. Beverley Roberts is my Reiki Master teacher and I have been attuned Reiki 1, well it’s totally life changing and now I see a bigger picture. It is a pleasure knowing you Beverley Roberts, and my intensions are to keep going with Reiki developing my own practice with… Read more »
Rating :

Beverley is a very multi-talented warm and professional person who can adapt her capabilities for the higher good of the client . I have trained with BEverley and benefited from treatments, Beverly is extremely intuitive meaning there is added value in the treatments .

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