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Simply Jikiden Reiki

New Town, Bedfordshire, EH3 6QH
Phone: 01896 870781
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"Wow, I feel so much lighter now."

Other than relaxation, this is the most frequent initial treatment outcome I hear about. Jikiden Reiki treatment offers a wonderful way of not only melting away stress and tension, but also bit by bit helping to release our emotional baggage, in many cases without ever even needing to talk about it.

And of course, Jikiden Reiki treatment can be used to aid numerous physical conditions, as this simple natural healing method stimulates your body's innate healing response and promotes overall balance and resilience. So it's a great tool for preventive healthcare, too!

And the method is so simple that anyone can learn how to do this.

Jikiden Reiki training is comprehensive and with a down-to-earth focus on treatment. The method is taught in the same way it was originally practised in Japan without fashionable New Age add-ons and with its cultural and spiritual core intact.

Jikiden Reiki is pure and simple, using a clear framework for how to use Reiki in the most effective way to enhance the body’s natural healing systems.

I have Jikiden Reiki clinics in the Scottish Borders (Galashiels) and in Edinburgh and offer regular Reiki practice events for practitioners of different lineages in the Borders (at Traquair) and in Edinburgh.

Courses are held throughout Scotland, mainly in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and the Scottish Borders and anywhere in Scotland that you invite me to come and teach.

At Shoden level you learn everything you need to know to give effective physical treatments, including a valuable conceptual framework for determining where the problem areas are. This will allow you to use Reiki at its most effective and assess the body's natural healing response. Once fully developed, the ability to sense byosen helps the practitioner make important treatment decisions: where to focus treatment and for how long. Are we dealing with a chronic problem or is it acute? How long to stay in the same area during a session, and how many sessions will be needed.
We don't diagnose your condition and we are not medically trained. Practitioners simply develop the sensitivity necessary to determine where to prioritise treatment.

At Okuden level, you learn a technique for letting go of unhelpful mental patterns and distant healing. You will also discover the original Japanese cultural and spiritual background of the tools used in Reiki practice, which gives invaluable insight into and a deeper understanding of Reiki practice.

Q: Can anyone learn to give effective Reiki treatments?
A: Yes, Jikiden Reiki is a simple healing method that anyone can learn how to practice for themselves and others. The training is compact and comprehensive with monthly local support once the course has been completed.

Q: Can I still benefit from Jikiden Reiki training even though I am already a Reiki Master?
A: We have trained many Reiki masters who have hugely appreciated .what we have to offer and who found that it has clarified many questions for them and deepened their understanding and their Reiki practice. Because many of the core concepts differ from how Reiki is taught in other lineages, it is necessary to start training at Shoden level.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Please see my website for details

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: 38 Gala Park, Galashiels, TD1 1EU (at Tweed Chiropractic Clinic)
28 Great King Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QH


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E. Rainey
Rating :

I have been a client of Gisela’s for a few years now and I can highly recommend her, both for the efficacy of the Jikiden Reiki treatments she provides and also due to the integrity of Gisela as a practitioner. Gisela’s kind and gentle manner has helped me relax into treatments and as a result over time we have seen great results on a diverse range of issues, from sports/spinal injuries to emotional problems and even work stress.

Rating :

I trained to Okuden level with Gisela last year. She is an excellent teacher who has extensive experience of working with a very wide range of clients and conditions. Gisela has been very supportive of my developing practice and made me feel very welcome in the Scottish Reiki community.

Jane Hill
Rating :
As a practitioner and facilitator of meditation workshops, I always felt that I should be able to help myself through any extra-difficult times. But when things started to get on top of me a few months ago, I turned to Gisela for some much-needed back-up help. And what a revelation Jikiden Reiki turned out to be. Gisela is a very intuitive practitioner and also very down-to-earth, and you feel absolutely cared for and looked-after in a session with her. I came away from my last session with Gisela feeling happier than I had felt in months and I will be… Read more »

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