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Peaceful Living

Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK42 8DT
Phone: 07795901046
Website Address: www.peaceful-living.co.uk
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My name is Sarah Hunt and my journey started with reiki after a car accident where I sustained back and neck injuries. I was guided to reiki and eventually healed my back and neck completely. I was so pleased with the outcome that I decided to learn reiki for myself so that I could continue to heal myself and so that I could help others. I went on to teach reiki and as I developed as a healer and teacher I found myself working more intuitively.

In 2012 I channelled a new system of healing from the angels which at first I thought was  two different systems of reiki. I put it to one side for a couple of years as I needed to heal more for myself. In 2014 I went back to working with this energy and then launched it in 2015.

This system of healing which I was asked to call Cosmic Heart Energy Healing is a simple yet advanced system of healing which helps you to learn about the importance of healing yourself as well as healing others. It teaches you how important unconditional love is and helps you to heal on a very deep level so that you can open your heart centre more fully. It also teaches you to work completely intuitively, listening to your heart and Soul and any healer guides as you do the healing.

I have also channelled information about the Soul Blockage which is a build up of negativity in the heart centre which affects our ability to connect with our Soul and Source on a deep level. I have found that once this is removed, healing can take place on a very deep level, allowing the person to move 'on purpose' and do what it is that they came to Earth to do.

I offer face to face and distant/remote healing sessions which I have found to be really uplifting for those people who have experienced them. I am an advocate of self-healing and regularly heal myself and have healings so that my vibration stays high and continues to rise so that I can do this work and be a very strong channel for the energies. This system is constantly evolving allowing the healings to have greater effect and clear deep traumatic past lives which are still affecting the client.

I also teach Cosmic Heart Energy Healing. There are 4 levels to it which you can do in person or as a distant course. More information about this may be found on my website.

I also offer an intuitively working with crystals workshop for energy healers and healing shares which run every week.


If you are feeling lost or unsure of your soul path or the way forward then this system of healing will help to clear the deep blockages form past lives which may be stopping you from moving forward. If you have pain or physical symptoms from a disease then healing will help to relieve the pain and reduce symptoms.

Healing can also help to clear the negativity around relationships or situations which are not very healthy for you, so allowing you to see a clear way forward with that situation or relationship.

Healing also helps children and I have found that babies still in their mothers womb enjoy having healing too.

Animals also benefit from healing energies and I have seen my own dog become less agitate and aggressive with other dogs by giving him healing.

For those of you who are healers already, if you want to develop your skills further and work on a much deeper level as well as lift your vibration and open your heart centre then why not consider learning Cosmic heart Energy Healing either at my workshops or as a distant learning course.





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I have been seeing Sarah on a regular basis for over one year now and have benefitted greatly from our healing sessions and her amazing insights. She is very professional, warm and her healing space is full of lovely energy. When my daughter has her treatments with Sarah, I enjoy cuddling up with Jester, her affectionate and friendly dog on the settee – he has never been a nuisance. Thank you Sarah for helping us along on our journeys

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Sarah is a very compassionate healer, she holds space in her cozy healing room. I feel so relaxed and the shifts in my energy since I have been visiting Sarah have been huge, she is a very gifted healer.

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