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This event has expired.

Usui/Holy Fire III Master Teacher course

Friday Mar 2019
Sydenham, London, London London
Phone: March 8th, 2019 - March 10th, 2019 - 9:30 am - 6:30 pm

A three day Master/Teacher course in Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki. Suitable for those holding (and using) Reiki level 2 for at least 6 months and for Reiki Masters and Advanced Reiki Practitioners (Usui Reiki). Small group of up to five held in Sydenham, London. Participants will receive the Usui Master attunement and four Holy Fire III ignitions. A transformational course which can be attended for professional development and training or for deep personal healing. Students will be able to teach Usui/Holy Fire Reiki after attending the course and will be provided with the tools and information to do so with confidence. The Holy Fire III energy helps us to open to the light of our authentic selves, to heal the ego and to open more and more to unity consciousness. Course costs £475 which includes full manual written by William Lee Rand.

Diana is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher and Holy Fire III Karuna Master/ Teacher. She has been teaching Reiki for the past ten years and loves to help guide students on their own Reiki journeys.

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