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This event has expired.

Reiki Share

Sunday Sep 2019
Reiki with Katy-Anne - Lanarkshire, Motherwell Lanarkshire
Phone: September 22nd, 2019 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

R E I K I   Share with Katy-Anne


It’s time to Relax, Refresh, Connect.

I invite you to join my NEW bi-monthly REIKI Share.

Starting on Sunday 22 Sept, 7-9pm in the charming, and friendly environment of the Source Events Centre, Bellshill.


You’ll have the opportunity to receive and share Reiki with other practitioners, all lineages welcome.


The nurturing environment of a Reiki share is a great opportunity to gain further insight and support from the others who attend.  And a chance to connect with other practitioners in the area.  I look forward to meeting you soon and I am excited about the loving space we will create when working together with Reiki.

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