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This event has expired.

Reiki Level one

Tuesday Jan 2020
Amethyst Holistics, Middlesbrough North Yorkshire
Phone: January 21st, 2020 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Become a Reiki Healer


Traditional Usui Reiki 1


Course content


  • You will receive four attunements which will open up the healing channel to allow the healing energy to flow through you


  • You will be taught the story and history of Reiki including lineage


  • You will be introduced to the five principles of Reiki and the importance of honouring Reiki


  • You will learn how to self heal including what hand positions to use


  • You will learn how to heal others including what hand positions to use


  • You will learn the best hand positions to treat certain conditions


  • You will learn about the human energy system


  • You will learn how to do body scanning


  • Time will be given to studying the body mind and the origins of disease


  • You will receive expert tuition throughout and a comprehensive manual


  • You will receive ongoing after support



There are no course entry requirements, only a desire to heal.

There will be an informal meeting opportunity after 21 days where you be able to share and discuss your experiences and to raise any questions you may have.

Certification will be given on completion.


Reiki level 1 is a one day course for 2 – 4 people ( 4 – 8 people two day course) Costs £100


Remember once you are attuned to Reiki you will have it for life.





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