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This event has expired.

Reiki Level 2 Attunement and Skills Workshop: Two-Day Course 14th and 15th November 2020

Saturday Nov 2020
Ann Burness Reiki, Birmingham GBR-GBR
Phone: November 14th, 2020 - November 21st, 2020 - 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Level 2 Attunement and Skills Workshop:  This two-day workshop costs £160 with a comprehensive manual.  10am to 5:30pm on both days.  The workshop will attune you to the Level 2 symbols, develop your skills and give you the knowledge you will need at this level.  You can then continue to use Reiki for yourself, family and friends, or progress on to work towards gaining your Practitioner Certificate so that you can work professionally.  Using the Reiki symbols and will bring a much deeper connection to the energy, and to your higher self.  Each symbol represents a different aspect of the energy and you will discover how the energy of each symbol feels and practise using them individually and altogether.

The course is designed aiming to take account of the Core Curriculum for Reiki which is underpinned by the National Occupational Standards for Complementary Therapy, and to give you maximum opportunity for developing your use of the energy for yourselves and for others.

I have separated the Level 2 training into two parts because I realise that not everyone wants to go into professional practice, at least not immediately.  After you have done the Reiki Level 2 Attunement and Skills Workshop you decide that you would like to work professionally, a Level 2 Practitioner Certificate is the minimum requirement.  There are details about this further down on this page.

Practitioner Certificate:  This is the minimum requirement if you want to go on to work professionally, and charge for the treatments that you do.

The aim for this Level 2 Attunement and Skills Workshop is:

  • To recap on topics covered during the Level 1 training.
  • To introduce you to the symbols and mantras, and give you the opportunity to practise using them on yourself and others.
  • To introduce you to distance treatments.
  • To help you develop your own intuition further.
  • To introduce you to techniques appropriate to Level 2 work.

By the end of the two-day workshop you will understand what the three symbols mean and explored how to use them individually and altogether.  You will have practised doing distance treatments using a teddy bear as a surrogate, and will have begun to develop your own psychic ability by tuning into another person via a photograph.  You will also have practised using a pendulum to check chakras and meridians for balance.

A certificate showing that you have done Reiki Level 2 training will be issued at the end of the two-day course, but please note that this will NOT give you Practitioner status.

The cost for this two-day Skills Workshop is £160 (this includes a comprehensive course manual)

10am to 5:30pm on both days. 


This will involve:

  • Attending a separate Practitioner Preparation Mentoring session that will give you the criteria for meeting the requirements of Practitioner status and activities you can do to meet this criteria.
  • Completing a set of case studies.
  • Commitment to developing yourself further through private study.

All requirements need to be met to before a Practitioner Certificate can be issued. 

It is expected that this element of the Level 2 training will take at least 9 to 12 months to complete, but you will be able to work at your own pace so it doesn’t matter if it takes longer.

An additional fee of £90 will be required for the Preparation Mentoring Session, and marking of your case studies and individual mentoring sessions.



Saturday 3rd August to Sunday 4th August 2019 – FULL

Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th November 2019 – Limited spaces available

If you would like any further information or to book a course, please contact me at:

annburness@live.co.uk (there is a direct link to this e-mail address on my Home page)

or ring me on 07521 447642

Please note:  Refreshments will be available throughout both days, but lunch is not provided.



Recap about Reiki

Western Vs Japanese
The Emotional Scale and the impact of positive and negative emotions.
The Law of Attraction and the Reiki Healing Pathway

Preparation for Level 2 Attunement

Guided Meditation

Level 2 Attunement process

Practical Work:

Tuning in using Breath of Earth/Breath of Heaven

Experimenting with the symbols


The Symbols: Origin and Meanings

Practical Work: Practise using the symbols

Shared treatment

Practical Work: Techniques for Level 2 Reiki 

Tenji Myoko: an exercise to link the Heart centre with the Universe.

Introduction to Pendulum work
Practise using the pendulum

Sensing and balancing the Aura

Using yourself as a pendulum to check your chakras


The Human Energy Field:

Recap on Level 1 information

Expansion of Level 1 information

The Horary Cycle
The Hara Centres

Practical Work: 

Meditation to connect with angels and guides. (time permitting)

Practical Work: Using Reiki for Distance Treatments

Developing your psychic ability: Photowork

Feedback from photowork

Practise doing a distant treatment using teddies.

Feedback about distance treatment.

Anatomy and Physiology:

Recap of the Eleven Organ Systems

Systems and conditions

Red Flag Symptoms

Practical Work: 

Mawashi: Developing a current of spiritual energy (healing circle)

Observed Shared/Paired Treatments

Next steps: Professional requirements for Practitioner Certificate


Please note that I may change the timings of the topics covered before or during the course as needed.


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