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This event has expired.

Reiki Level 1 Training and Development

Saturday Aug 2017
London Natural Health Centre, Holborn London
Phone: August 5th, 2017 - August 6th, 2017 - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

This Reiki 1 course is a two-day course taught in a relaxed and personal style with plenty of time for questions. It lays the foundation of Reiki and, along with lots of practical exercises, will cover:

  • how to “tune-in” to Reiki
  • the history of Reiki
  • the philosophy behind Reiki
  • what is healing?
  • what is energy?
  • see, feel, and work with Auras
  • the Chakra system
  • energy cleansing techniques
  • the 21-day clearing process
  • the hand positions
  • how to conduct a Reiki self-treatment
  • how to give a Reiki treatment to others
  • treating pets and animals, plants and inanimate objects
  • giving Reiki to situations
  • simple steps to meditate
  • how to breathe
  • Reiki and spirituality
  • the Reiki Principles
  • using Reiki in daily life and at work

At the end of the course, you will feel the flow of Reiki and be able to give treatments to family and friends as well as using it for yourself for healing and personal development.

You will receive four attunements to the Reiki energy, a detailed course manual and a completion certificate. There is also follow-up support by telephone, email or in person at Reiki shares.

After a Reiki 1 course you will have the connection to Reiki for life. It is not necessary to have more attunements or repeat the course. It is not necessary to study beyond level 1 unless you wish to deepen and strengthen your own practice or are intending to go into professional practice.

Courses are taught in small groups (minimum 2, maximum 6 people) in Central and South East London, usually in a clinic or other suitable venue, and may be taught in your own home if your home is suitable and you are happy to welcome other students to participate in the course with you.

For further details please send an enquiry or visit www.reikihealinglondon.uk

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This event has expired.

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki levels I & II for personal or professional development

Saturday Feb 2019
Engleheart Road, London
Phone: February 9th, 2019 - February 10th, 2019 - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

For people who want to learn and develop their natural healing abilities, this training is one of the most comprehensive available.

It includes both Reiki I & II and is a combination of the Western style as introduced by Mrs. Takata and the Japanese style and the Holy Fire Energies. On completion of the class, you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others.

You will receive a manual to study on payment, then over the weekend you will learn about:
• The origin and history of Reiki
• The nature of Reiki energy, why people get sick and how Reiki heals.
• The Reiki Ideals
• The Human Energy System
• The complete hand placement system
• Gassho meditation
• Byosen Scanning: Using the sensitivity in the hands to locate areas needing healing
• Reiji-Ho: Using inner guidance to know how and where to treat.
• Kenyoku: Dry bathing, a method to purify your energy field
• Gyoshi-ho: Sending Reiki with the eyes
• How to see Auras and Past Lives
• Sending Reiki at a distance.
• Reiki II symbols: How to draw, activate and use them. Their many uses are explained and their inner meaning is discussed. Practice time is given so students know from experience how the energy of each symbols feels and the results each symbol produces.

In this class attunements are called Placements. Placements are done differently, but have been developed to provide more effective healing energy and to empower the symbols in a more powerful way. The Placements make use of Holy Fire energy which is why they are more effective. However, the standard Usui Reiki II symbols are used in this class.

The course is a combination of discussion, demonstration and lots of practice. Each student experiences giving and receiving treatments, using Byosen scanning, hand placement and using the Reiki II symbols.

There is plenty of ongoing support after the course, and healing shares for practice and connection with other healers.

Investment: £298

Please contact Jackie for payment details.

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