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Reiki Healing Share

Thursday Feb 2018
New Awakening Centre - Robert Bourne, Cardigan Ceredigion
Phone: February 15th, 2018 - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Reiki Healing Share

Deepen your Reiki or just enjoy the pampering and stress release you will experience at an informal share group.

The healing energy comes from unconditional love which is a greater love than the love most people experience between each other.  This means that it will unconditionally bring emotional comfort to you, calm a busy mind and prepare your energy system for something more to be experienced at your next stage of development.  It is a spiritual foundation for everything else you will ever want to do and experience, it is beyond the mind.

At times we all experience illness, accidents or injuries.  To be able to help heal yourself at these times is an important self-empowerment gift.  Having this talent is also helpful when friends and family need help, physically and emotionally.  You are no longer helpless because you can now do something to help the people you care about.

Come and join us this Reiki Share Group is open to everyone. (Attunements can be provided for those with no experience)

This Reiki Healing Share is a New Awakening Process support group

Take the hands-on approach to well-being.  You will learn how to heal yourself, friends, pets and plants through channelling the purity of the Universal Life Healing Energy. (Also known as Reiki and other names)

Within the ‘New Awakening Process’ Reiki Healing is also used for the development of your personality to achieve your full potential.  This is the first stage of spiritual evolution that will prepare you for something greater; see Gentle Touch.

New Awakening is a non-profit Spiritual Network 

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