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This event has expired.

Reiki First Degree Workshop (Shoden)

Sunday Oct 2019
Natural Health Centre, Woodbridge Suffolk
Phone: October 13th, 2019 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Reiki First Degree Course

The course includes a comprehensive manual covering the history and development of Reiki as a healing system as well as full instructions on how to carry out the healing meditations and techniques that form part of the system. You also receive two accompanying CDs to assist you in your learning. At the end of the course you will  receive an attractive, frameable certificate in Reiki First Degree.

On the workshop day itself, you will receive your Japanese reiki initiations and we will go over the practical aspects of the system, carrying out meditations and also giving self treatments and treatments to others. We will also touch on the practice of mindfulness and the Five Precepts which make up this healing method.

Reiki will improve your well-being on many levels and give you a valuable tool to use in your everyday life. If you are drawn to learn about energy healing and would like to know more, please get in touch for further details. If you prefer to learn Reiki on a 1:1 basis, I can arrange a workshop on a day and time to suit you.

Course Fee: £120.00 (group teaching) 

Deposit Required: £50.00 (deposit is non-refundable once course materials have been sent out to you).



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