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Reiki Crystal Ray Training Course

Friday Sep 2019
Reiki Enlightenment, Evercreech Somerset
Phone: September 6th, 2019 - September 8th, 2019 - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Overseen by the Ascended Master Kuthumi

Reiki Crystal Ray is a Practitioner  Course

Qualification: Reiki Crystal Ray Healer / Practitioner

Entry Level: Reiki 11 all Reiki lineages accepted
Or: If you are an experienced Healer with an interest in Crystals,
and some understanding of the healing qualities and names.
Investment: £300.00
Duration of the course: 2.5 days
After completion you may continue onto The Teacher Training level, if you wish to teach this module.

Level 1 : Practitioner Level:
Provides you with all the skills and information you require to become a confident Crystal Healer, combined with Reiki if you are a Reiki practitioner, or as a stand alone module for healers. You can add this module to your “Therapy Toolbox.”
Reiki, plus the Crystals, and the Rays of the Ascended Master Kuthumi, provide a very loving and powerful healing module, whilst supporting your own spiritual growth, and gaining a new professional skill.

This Course has the added bonus of being under the Illuminating Ray of the Ascended Master Kuthumi, you will be given a symbol to make a deeper connection and receive guidance.  For more information about Kuthumi, please go to the end of the page. To become a practitioner, you will be required to submit some homework including 6 case histories.  The homework will prepare you to continue in your training, and complete the 1 day Training Course to become a Crystal Ray Teacher.

Using Crystal Ray Healing for friends and family

If you prefer to use the training for personal use, friends and family, then the course is also perfect for you! Case studies are only required to be submitted,  if you wish to continue on and become a Crystal Ray Teacher, which is one extra day training.

Outline Itinery for Reiki Crystal Ray – Practitioner Level
  • Meditation: Connecting with the Ascended Master Kuthumi
  • Cleansing & Activating your Crystals
  • Meditation: Connecting with the Crystal Deva
  • Crystalline Structure of Crystals
  • The Charkas – An introduction
  • Crystals for each Chakra
  • Using a Pendulum
  • Dowsing the Chakras with a Pendulum
  • Selecting Crystals for healing
  • Healing properties of Crystals for:
  • * The chakras * pain relief * aliments * imbalances
  • Reiki Symbols and Crystals

Giving a Reiki Ray Crystal Healing

  • Invocation with Kuthumi
  • Grounding & Protection
  • Setting up the room
  • Giving a Crystal Healing Session
  • Crystal Layouts for the Chakras and Healing
  • Placing your client in a Crystal Grid
  • Activating the Grid
  • Manual provided
  • Practitioner Qualification Certificate

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