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This event has expired.

Reiki 1 Refresher Course Traditional Usui Reiki

Thursday Jul 2018
Holistic Healthcare, Dronfield Derbyshire
Phone: July 12th, 2018 - 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

This course has been developed as a result of an increasing number of enquiries from people who wish to resume their use of Reiki but feel rusty and unsure of how to do so.

This course is for people who have previously been attuned to Reiki 1:
but have fallen out of the habit of using Reiki
may have lost confidence in using Reiki
wish to reconnect to Reiki
wish to increase their knowledge and confidence and begin again

Please note this refresher course:
is only aimed at people who have previously been attuned to Reiki 1
is not a replacement or short cut route to attaining Reiki 1
is not the course for you if you have not previously been attuned to Reiki 1

Each course is limited to 4 places to ensure close personal tuition and to ensure a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

1 day course
a blend of theory, discussion and practical work
a follow-up session is arranged after a period of 21 days self-healing has been completed

On this course we will revise the following areas:
what Reiki is
how Reiki works
the story and history of Reiki
the importance of what Dr Usui learned through his practise of Reiki
the five principles of Reiki

Revise The Major Chakras:
what these are
where they lie
why they are important
what they represent

Revise Self Healing and Hand Positions To Use:
how to self heal
what hand positions to use
the correct sequence for hand positions
the importance of a sustained period of self healing

Guided Full Hour of Self Healing:
reconnect to Reiki
refresh the self healing process

Revise Healing Others and Hand Positions To Use:
how to heal other people
what hand positions to use
the correct sequence to use

Revise How To End a Session of Reiki:
grounding on feet
smoothing and integration

Revise Code of Ethics:
the importance of honouring Reiki
principles to observe when offering healing to others
etiquette to observe when healing others

Guided Full Hour of Healing on Master to Increase Confidence Working on Others:
commentary will be given on what is being felt, seen and experienced
check that correct hand positions and sequence are being used
time for students to ask questions and voice any uncertainties/concerns about the process

Revise 21 Days of Self Healing:
the importance of completing
why it is necessary
what happens during this process

21 Days of Self Healing:
after the course you are required to carry out self-healing on 21 consecutive days

Course Materials and Certification:
a comprehensive training manual is provided for use during and after the course
a certificate of attendance will be given
a hearty lunch is provided

Post Course Follow-up:
a free follow-up meeting is held 4 weeks after the course (after you have completed a 21 day period of self-healing) to check your progress and deal with any questions that may have arisen
on-going support is available thereafter, if required

Reiki 1 Refresher Course Dates:
15th January 2018
20th February 2018
26th March 2018
13th April 2018
11th May 2018
4th June 2018
12th July 2018
21st August 2012
25th October 2018
14th November 2018
3rd December 2018

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Courses are held on weekdays only
dates are open to negotiation, I will be as flexible as possible to accommodate your requirements.

Read what past students thought of this course on the Course Testimonial page of my website.

Feel free to ask any questions and email for further details!

Please note I do not seem to receive enquiries from people who click through from this site, therefore please email me direct: reikicourses@btinternet.com

Thank you!

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