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Level 1 & 2 Reiki Courses

Friday May 2018
Creating balance, Wirral Cheshire
Phone: May 18th, 2018 - May 25th, 2018 - All Day

Reiki level 1 training & attunements

My Reiki Level 1 training course lasts for a minimum of 15-16 hours, which is equivalent to more than two day’s training. You spend approx. nine hours working through a multimedia study pack, at your leisure, and then attend for approximately 2 days face to face course with attunement.

My pre-course reading and listening will focus you on these areas:

What Reiki is and where it comes from (the History, Background and Development)
What Reiki’s founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
The Reiki ‘precepts’, mindfulness, and the use of empowerment s / attunements
How to benefit from daily energy exercises and self-treatments
How to use Reiki on other people
I will review this information briefly on the day of the course, but most of the training day concentrates on hands-on practice rather than theory.

Reiki Course Manual & audio CD for each level you achieve 

Each Reiki course is accompanied by a comprehensive, professionally-printed manual that covers everything I teach on the day, and more besides, so there is no need to take notes. Note taking is so unsatisfactory: you frantically scribble, desperate not to miss what is being said and when you get home you can’t read your writing! On our courses you can relax, safe in the knowledge that everything we do is there in the manual for you to take home with you

Reiki level 2 training & attunements

Who can learn Reiki Level 2?

You need to have taken Reiki Level 1 already and have completed 25 case studies at level 1. I recommend that you leave a couple of months, at least, between your First and Second Level courses. This gives you a chance to get grips with, and practise, what you learned. It’s not a race!

As Reiki Level 2 enables you to practice Reiki professionally you need to ensure your skills meet the criteria stated by the
Reiki Council Core Curriculum and the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Reiki. This will ensure that in this changing environment of regulation of complementary therapies. Meeting these standards means that you will meet all the required criteria for membership of professional associations and regulatory bodies.
If you are already a complementary therapist you may already have these skills so evidence can be provided
If you are not a therapist I will guide you through this criteria

Reiki training is provided by Jan Griffin who is a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner

Role of the Practitioner
Professional relationships
Work role and practice
Keeping Records
Health and well-being
Deepen your self-healing
Anatomy & Physiology –  tba

Study will include

What Reiki’s founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
The importance of experiencing a state of oneness and its use in distant healing
How to open yourself to intuitive working
Ways of directing the energy using intent
The Reiki symbols: how to draw them and say their names

You should already have experienced that sense of peace, contentment and serenity that Reiki brings you, and perhaps experienced a spiritual awakening. Now you will carry out special symbol meditations to deepen your self-healing, focusing on energies that bring powerful physical and emotional balancing.

Explore intuition

Original Japanese Reiki is a very free and fluid system. An important part of Reiki Level 2 is to move beyond standard hand positions when you treat people, to embrace intuitive working. You’ll learn how to allow the energy to guide you in terms of where you rest your hands; it’s a lovely way to work.

Practise distant healing

You’ll learn how to send Reiki long-distance in a variety of ways, so you can experiment and find the approach that works best for you. Distant healing is a very humbling and fulfilling practice, a beautiful meditation that connects deeply to the person, or people, that you share Reiki with.

Your Reiki Level 2 training course lasts for a total of 60 hours, which is equivalent to 25 hours face to face training and observations. You spend approx. 35hours working through a multimedia study pack and case studies at your leisure, During our time together we will review your home study and the occupational standards, before focusing on practical energy work, guided by me

This approach provides you with a complete training in Reiki at Second Level. You can learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to learn the three Reiki symbols fully, giving a chance for all the information to sink in and helping you to realise any questions that you might have. You then arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki. We spend the face to face part of your course working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

Explore the power of Intent and Intuition

Reiki Level 2 should be about moving beyond the basic guidelines of First Degree, to embrace intuitive working and to understand the importance of intent. A major part of this course involves using a Japanese approach to treating others that allows the energy to guide your hands to the right places to treat, so rather than following a prescribed set of hand positions, you will gear your hand combinations to the energy needs of each person you work on. Intuitive Reiki treatments are something special: deep and intense, a wonderful experience for both the giver and receiver.

Strengthen your connection to Reiki

‘Reiki Level 2` brings the student up to ‘practitioner’ level, and provides the three Japanese Attunement that I give you will enable you to ‘hold’ and channel more energy than was possible at Level 1 Reiki. The Attunement will also connect you strongly to aspects of the energy that are represented by the three Reiki symbols. You will learn how to use the three Reiki symbols and mantras, which can be used as a basis for self-treatment, and which help to make your treatments stronger and more effective.

The Reiki Level 2 Course material including manual. Audio CD with Reiki instruction & meditations available to assist your learning experience.

I arrange Reiki shares to encourage my students to get together to support each other, while continuing  their learning

As being a Reiki Master is a big commitment, I want to ensure I will be the right person for you. I suggest that you explore a few schools to see who feels right for you, we can meet, chat on the phone with no obligation to enable you to make your decision.


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