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Kind Hearts Workshop

Saturday Mar 2020
Dream Fitness, Bathgate West Lothian
Phone: March 28th, 2020 - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Kind Hearts
A Reiki, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Workshop for Children
Delivered by Reiki Master/Teacher Aly Townley, Calm Centre Therapies and Wellness Coach/Yoga Teacher, MC of Dream Fitness

In this workshop the children will get in touch with subtle energy and learn simple methods of using Reiki to support themselves, their family, pets, plants and all living things. Reiki is not attached to any religion or belief system

Reiki is a simple and natural form of healing. Translated from Japanese, it means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’

Children have a natural awareness of healing energy and can often see it and it is easy for them to learn Reiki.
Enhance PVG Disclosure, teaching insurance and certificates available to view at any time
Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness will be used throughout the class to support Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.

The techniques learned in this workshop can help bring balance and harmony as well as helping regulate emotions, increase concentration and self esteem and improve sleep

Children should wear comfortable clothes and can bring along a snack, water bottle and teddy/cuddly toy to practise on.

£40 (sibling discounts)

Enhance PVG Discolosure, teaching insurance and certificates available to view at any time
More info or bookings by phone 07867520442 or email hello@calmcentretherapies.co.uk

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