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This event has expired.

Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop

Saturday Mar 2019
Highland Healing Space, Inverness Highland
Phone: March 9th, 2019 - 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Learn and practice the techniques that Mikao Usui used in his sessions in this workshop. These will become your reiki tool box in order to work more efficiently.

We will practice techniques such as

-Byosen scanning
-Reiji Ho -Intuitive method of working
-Hatsurei Ho
-Tanden Breathing exercise- Makoto no Kokyu
-Method for the activation of Chakras-Chakra Kassei Kokyu Ho
-Tanden Treatment Method- Tanden Chiryo Ho
-Blood exchange techniques:
Keteuki Kokan
Hanshin Koketsu
-Kekko energetic massage

These help energy to move around with more fluidity which helps your reiki sessions be more effective.

Some of these are also used in self healing.

You will be delivered an attendance certificate on completion of your course as well as the course handout.

The full cost for this workshop is £40.

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