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Gentle Touch – Love Awakening Practice

Wednesday Feb 2018
New Awakening Centre - Robert Bourne, Cardigan Ceredigion
Phone: February 14th, 2018 - 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Gentle Touch Practice

A Spiritual Process for awakening to Love and Awareness

Gentle Touch is a new spiritual practice that is about awakening the inner Presence of Divine Love within your life.

All my previously created home study multimedia courses in the ‘New Awakening Process’ now provide a supporting foundation to this Gentle Touch Practice.  Gentle Touch is the final stage in the process to awakening.

“After my own direct awakening experience in 1995 I was left with the life purpose to create support material to help you also discover; unshakable happiness, inner love, divine knowingness and freedom from personal suffering. In 2015, Gentle Touch mystically emerged through me to help take mankind’s evolution a stage further.”

What will the Gentle Touch Practice do for You?

The new practices in Gentle Touch have been specifically created for the awakening process based upon the realignment of the two pure unchanging bodies of Love and Awareness to the physical body, heart and mind of the human being. When this realignment occurs the person awakens to an inexhaustible source of inner love and experiences inner contentment through a new peace of mind.

Once you experience this natural state of life it leaves you living life in the present moment in joyful bliss with the gentleness of love, having an unshakable happiness and inner contentment arising from a calm no-thinking focused state of mind, which is resting in a state of pure awareness!

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