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Thursday Apr 2020
Phone: April 2nd, 2020 - April 2nd, 2022 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Are you struggling in these trying and uncertain times ?

So much confusion and conflicting advice you dont know where to begin helping yourself and your health ?

Keep your immune system it top form by eating immune boosting foods and herbs such as radish, fresh ginger, citrus fruits, garlic, turmeric spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, kale, oregano and loads more

Or why not make some herbal teas ?
Lemon balm, liquorice root, cinnamon, ginger, black or green tea

Our immune system is incredible at protecting us from all invaders given the right ingredients and conditions and does a superb job that we wont need to suffer the consequences of any virus because the immune system is defending us against them

To help your mental health at such times its imperative we interact with nature on a daily basis, its natural medicine. Looking and being in nature restores us and is medicine for the soul. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Get singing and dancing around the home while doing house work it will increase the endorphins and feel good factor regardless of what is going on outside. GET in the sunshine the UV kills viruses and its also another feel good factor along with vitamin D for the body and to lift and regulate your mood and help fight depression

another couple of things we should all be doing is keeping ourselves grounded and protected and tapping our immune system up. These are so simple to do and being a healer I do it twice a day without fail as a preventative measure so that I am not too open to all the negative energy out there

Visualise you are a tree and that your feet are tree roots going deep into the earths core keeping you grounded. Visualise yourself in a bubble or a pyramid while claiming you are grounded and protected at all times

Tapping up the immume system and eliminating toxins
Near the collar bones you will find 2 indents. Tap quite hard or vigorously rub both sides while taking deep breaths for about 30 seconds. Just underneath the same area coming inwards slightly on the thymus tap the same as before for around 30 seconds taking deep slow breaths. Around the inside of shoulder on front where your arms join the body massage deep the lymphatics there vigorously to eliminate toxins from the body. Any tender areas massage a little more

Don’t stress out. We can only do what is in our control and our own immune system IS. When we are in fear mode or stressed out our body kicks into fight or flight mode (our survival mechanism from the cave man days) and hopefully we are definately not about to be eaten by a tiger, although the bodies reaction would be exactly the same internally as it cannot recognise a REAL threat or IMAGINED ONE. Just at that point just by stopping everything we are doing and taking some slow deep breaths while repeating I am calm and I am relaxed to ourselves will really help

Use your mind. ANYTHING we hear, see, feel or talk about all day long we are vibrating internally and attracting to us externally. The mind is the author and the body the script. Whatever we are instructing it to do (and no choice is a choice) it will always follow. Just by thinking it, feeling it, fearing it – even if its NOT our true reality. Therefore this CAN be used to our advantage via visualisations and positive affirmations while FEELING how we really wish to FEEL. Everything is ENERGY constantly changing vibrations / frequencies including ourselves. It is so important to raise our vibration and keep our vibration raised in trying times even more so than normal. if something doesn’t FEEL good, eliminate it and change it to something that does. Awareness is key and enables us to discover how our feelings effect our being. Without awareness we cannot change what we are doing on auto pilot, without ever being consciously aware we are even doing it. When we start to notice HOW we are feeling THEN we can change that accordingly to desired outcome or feeling we DO want

So much can come from uncertain times and sometimes its where we find hope and inner strength. From our greatest challenges can sometimes come our greatest achievements. I’m sure you will be sensing the calm and stillness around us right now and for some of us it is very uncomfortable as its not something we’ve ever experienced or used to. If you stay in the stillness for a while it can become very uplifting and rejuvenating

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep your immune system in tip top form

Information and suggestions to improve your health and change your Life, all simple, all free and to receive free healing now visit http://www.wholistic-therapy-consultant.com

There are also loads of free ebooks to download. If you need some help with boosting the immune system and free distant reiki healing sending just email your name/s and address or location and I will gladly send some

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