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Elemental Meditation Group in Whitley Bay

Wednesday Jan 2018
Elemental Changes, Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear
Phone: January 10th, 2018 - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Join experienced Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher Elaine Maughan for an evening of blissful relaxation and healing.

Each gentle guided meditation session is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike, and is perfect for anyone who wants to include regular meditation in their self-care routine.

We practice breathing exercises, guided visualisations and relaxation techniques that you can use whenever you need to take time out from daily life to relax and recharge. Elaine channels healing Reiki energy to the group throughout the session to enhance your well-being experience, promote healing and increase your inner calm.

You can pay as you go for £6 per session (booking essential). Doors open at 18:30 and a cup of organic herbal tea will be available for those who wish to stay for a chat after the session.

Places are limited, so if you’d like to join this lovely friendly group for a journey to inner peace and relaxation then please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Why Meditate?

It is important that you take time from your busy schedule for yourself, to maintain your physical and emotional well-being by relaxing and having fun. Without regular me-time, rest and recreation, stress can becomes a negative force in your life that eventually manifests as physical illness or disease, forcing you to slow down and focus on self-care.

Meditation can help to reduce stress and strengthen your ability to maintain balance and well-being.

Meditation is a state of consciousness in which you can go deep within yourself to focus your mind and remove external influences so that you can experience deep peace and relaxation.

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