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This event has expired.

Crystal Skull Enlightenment

Saturday Aug 2019
Reiki Enlightenment, Evercreech Somerset
Phone: August 10th, 2019 - 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

One Day  Workshop: Sat 10th August 2019

10.00 to 4.30pm  investment £60.00
at Reiki Enlightenment, Evercreech, Somerset.

Join us for this one day workshop and be introduced to the magical connection with Crystal Skulls! They contain ancient knowledge and open us to a Higher Consciousness.  We will connect with the Ancient Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull, by creating a grid, and experiencing a mediation to initiate you to the Skull consciousness, and the Ancient Mayan Prophecy.
When you have your own Crystal Skull they are like a friend, always there, talking to you and guiding you, ever if you are not aware of it. Each skull has its own qualities and you will be drawn to the one that wished to share information with you.

Over 80 Crystal Skulls will be in our grid, and some are available to buy if you wish too.

Are you a Guardian of the Skulls!  
Join us for this: One Day Event
  •  Introduction to the Crystal Skulls
  • Opening to a Higher Consciousness
  • The Ancient Mayan Prophecy
  • Connecting to the Grid & the Ancient 13 Skulls
  • Your own personal friend
  • Opening the Heart Chakra  – Crystal Bowl & Sound
  • Over 80 Skulls – Ancient and Contemporary
  • No experience required

Booking required  Contact Dee.



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