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This event has expired.

Cosmic Heart Energy Healing

Saturday Sep 2019
Margetts Road, Bedford
Phone: September 21st, 2019 - September 22nd, 2019 - 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

I channelled this system of healing from the angels in 2012. At the time I thought it was two different systems of reiki, but something didn’t quite gel so I left it on the ‘back burner’ until 2104. In 2014 I thought that it was two energies, entwining together in the heart centre before moving to the healer’s hands working together as one energy. The energies appeared to be coming from the heart of the Earth and one from the Cosmic Heart. After working with these energies for a while I realised that in fact these are the energies of divine love coming from Source. As I worked with these energies I came to realise that this is a much more powerful system of healing which is able to get deep into the energy system. I also realised that it is continually evolving and that the more I worked with it on myself, the higher my vibration went and the more information and knowledge relating to working with these energies I was able to unlock. There are 4 basic levels and 4 advanced levels. The advanced levels are vibration dependent.

If you are already an energy healer, then this system of healing will develop your skills further and allow you to learn how to work deeper in the energy system, so that you can help yourself and others to raise their vibration and open their hearts.

This workshop will explore;

  • What is energy healing?
  • The Soul Blockage
  • The importance of self-healing
  • The spiritual ideals
  • The shadow self and ego
  • Meeting your healing angels
  • Connecting with the air elementals
  • Connecting with the element of air
  • The chakras and aura
  • Protection and grounding
  • The difference between healing and curing
  • Energetic clearing of the Soul Blockage
  • Opening of the heart centre to connect you to the energies
  • Practical healing sessions.

This two day workshop is experiential and certificated. You will also be given access to the members area of my website where there are additional learning materials to assist you on your healing journey.

For more information please visit https://peaceful-living-workshops.co.uk/healing/cosmic-heart-energy-healing/

The investment for this workshop is £150


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