the symbols within the system of Reiki were only ever used as a visual aid for students who couldn’t understand the different freqency of energy. Mikao Usui stated that they must be unsed only until they were understood and then be discarded. Two of the symbols are in fact Kanji (Japanese words) and don’t produce energy. Setting our intent is the most important discipline, becoming the energy of each symbol as we meditate on them. Using the jumon (sound) is also another way of feeling the energies through chanting. The mantra ‘Kotodama’ means ‘words carrying spirit’. Kotodama and jumon were ancient Shinto practices that used vibrations to interact with the natural environment. Each jumon invokes a specific vibration through sound. Therefore the jumon is most effective when spoken out loud.

The Japanese name for symbols is ‘Shirushi’

The question is are the symbols the foundation of the system of Reiki? No I don’t think so. Letting them go at the appropriate time is very liberating. By this time the different levels of energy is understood.


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I teach the original Japanese Reiki in the Usui tradition in its simplest form, uncluttered and powerful, covering also some Western teachings.
Posted on Saturday, May 19, 2012
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