When we find our inner peace we create a space for clarity and healing for our journey ahead.

To take a breath and make the choice to create an energy of peace, enables us to pause the conscious mind that fills you with tasks and problem focussed energy on a regular basis.
The ideal is to move towards a sense of self control and empathy for all there is around us.

To speak and listen with a calmness and empathy creates an opportunity of peace and releases the common patterns of getting sucked into the mayhem our worlds can often create!

To step back and own our own actions, enables us to become less effected by the actions of others!
If we practice we can be achieve an inner peace our place of clarity, words and actions that create a peaceful energy within us to be and feel lighter than we could ever consider possible .

To create the energy to tame our minds is a bit like how i would imagine taming a lion would be, the need for self trust, patience and a calmness that releases fear and worry.

There are many relaxation exercises available from all over the world that support people to find inner peace and it doesn’t hurt trying some of them out and seeing if you can find the one that helps you as all in their own way will be invaluable to your wellbeing.

Although from my experience Reiki is the quickest and most effective treatment for self development and assisting people to create inner peace on a level they permit. In my opinion Reiki is the most powerful and creative way to self empower and tame the busy mind and self doubt that can overwhelm many and restrict the energy to flow at its natural pace.

Even more exciting you can learn Reiki for your self! This will enable you to have the access to inner peace and healing when ever you choose. The independence to create a peaceful space of your own and for the energy to increase as you commit to your own healing process.

As the Reiki intuitive I encourage all new to Reiki to experience a treatment at least once before undergoing Shoden (beginners) training. Therefore as I am so passionate about self healing I am happy to assist in your discovery of Reiki where ever you are in the world, by offering one free 20 minute distant Reiki treatment to start you on your journey! Please email me for further details and I wish you well on your journey ahead.

Niki – The Reiki Intuitive


About Niki Baggs

The Reiki Intuitive - Niki Baggs, is gifted with the ability to intuit the balance required within you and working with Reiki she can enhance your willingness to improve your health and wellbeing. As a result, she provides treatment plans and helps coach countless people to feel great without the self-blame, judgements or fear of change that many aspects of life can create.
Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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