There has been a lot of talk about Angelic Reiki, with many people describing the amazing benefits of this relatively new healing modality. People from all walks of life talk about how relaxing, gentle and powerful Angelic Reiki is. They also talk about how old thought forms, feelings and energy, including those from previous lifetimes, can be dislodged in order to allow you to reconnect with your soul. But how exactly can Angelic Reiki help YOU? How can it help you attract the love that you want into your life and overcome your hidden obstacles in love?

When it comes to love it can sometimes feel that you are going round in circles, meeting different guys but dealing with the same dramas. For others it may be you are just not meeting any decent guys and you are beginning to wonder if there are any good guys left. I also faced that issue for a while myself until I discovered Angelic Reiki. So, what I am going to share with you is how Angelic Reiki has helped me in my love journey. How it has changed my loved story for the better, enabling me to overcome hidden love obstacles, change my perspective of love and attract the kind of men that I want to date.

For me these changes have fallen into 3 main categories which are:
• Taking responsibility
• Releasing ex lovers and resentments
• Acknowledging and releasing my core beliefs

Taking responsibility
“It’s not my fault because…..” “ or “If he did this, then I would do that…..”

Responsibility was the biggest and first lesson that I learnt. I had to take responsibility for the part that I had played in the breakdown of my relationships. Trust me, this was NOT easy. When you feel that you have been used and you know that you have been taken advantage of, cheated on and walked all over by someone that you truly loved, it is not easy to take responsibility for your actions.

For me it came like a bolt out of the blue. It suddenly dawned on me that there were things that I had said and done in the relationship, as well as things that I did not do which contributed to the way that the other person had treated me. However, it was a crucial part of my journey because it helped me to truly recognise that my ex (and others like him) had been mirroring back to me those shadow parts of myself that needed to be acknowledge, released and healed. But, in order to this, I had to take responsibility for my shadow parts, doing so from a place of non-judgement.

When receiving Angelic Reiki you are working with energy that is pure love and light, love that is unconditional. Therefore those aspects of me that were no in alignment with this vibration were peeled away, ready to be released and healed. It did leave me emotional at first but this feeling passed and I then felt empowered. No longer was I the victim of my past! Instead I felt empowered because I knew which behaviours, attitudes and habits that were not working for me in love (and life). I also knew that I had the power within me to make positive changes in my love life and attract what more of what I wanted into my life.

Releasing ex lovers and resentments
At the time I was in the midst of moving on from a soul mate who had been in my life for a long time. I had already begun the disconnection from him using various tools such as The Letter and Angel Meditations. However, being a soul mate relationship it meant that we had had past lives together. In this situation there were some past life issues that I was still holding onto that needed to be released.
Angelic Reiki is multi-dimensional healing which means that, as the receiver I was supported in letting go of this past life imbalance that I was not aware that I was carrying around with me. What happened in my situation was that the Angelic Reiki triggered a past life memory of our relationship. Now, I am not a past life expert and had never experienced anything like this in my life. In fact, I have yet to experience anything like it again. However, what the experience revealed to me is that the pattern that I had been repeating in this lifetime was one that carried over from our previous life together. These patterns had served their purpose in this lifetime, enabling me to learn lessons but now they had become obstacles or blocks that were hindering me from experiencing unconditional love, as well as enjoying fulfilling relationships.

Acknowledging and releasing my core beliefs
Without realising it I was carrying around some pretty negative core beliefs about myself, love, men and relationships. This can happen to anyone of us especially when you have seen dysfunctional relationships and it is not uncommon for these experiences to inform your core beliefs about yourself, love, men and relationships.

When these core beliefs are negative they are in alignment with our hearts desires, sending out a negative vibration. Therefore what Angelic Reiki did for me was, once again, bring to the surfaces some of the core beliefs that I was holding on to because they were not of unconditional love.

In essence……
What I have found with Angelic Reiki is that brings to the surface that which is no longer serving my Highest good and many of those things had become obstacles, bloody BIG obstacles, in my love story. In the past they may have helped me in my relationships, supported me in becoming the person that I am today and cultivating personal strengths that have stood me in good stead. However, for the next part of my journey they had become a hindrance.

But what has been and continues to be key in my love journey is actually being the Managing Director and Editor in my soul journey. Angelic Reiki for me was the catalyst but I have had to be committed to using what I have learnt about myself in order to steer my love life in a more positive direction. This meant being aware of when I was falling into old habits or responding differently when faced with situations resembling those I had experienced in the past. There are times when this is trickier than others but having a good support group around me, faith, commitment to myself and my desires, as well as tools such as meditation, self-healing, chakra clearing, crystals, readings, affirmations…… have all helped me on my journey.

I can safely say that I no longer date the kind of guys that I used to date and used to leave me heartbroken. Not only that but I am well on my way to attracting Mr Right. But overall and most importantly I have a better love relationship with myself, which has been crucial in enabling me to attract what and who I want into my life.

Now, what I have shared is my experience of how Angelic Reiki has and continues to help me. I am not saying that it is for everyone or that you will have the same experiences as me. The one that everyone says about Angelic Reiki is that everyone’s experience is different and that whatever you experience it will be perfect for you: Something that I whole-heartedly believe.

Have you ever had an Angelic Reiki session? What was your experience of it? Please share your story about Angelic Reiki or anything related to this post, if you want to. You never know it may be a source of inspiration to someone else. Thank you for reading.


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