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My name is Sue Reynolds and I am a certified Reiki Healing Master and Teacher. I have always been interested in the Art of healing and have been practising Reiki since 2004. I believe Reiki energy is abundant, creative and has a healing quality. It has the potential and power to change anything and everything.

As a Reiki Healer in the Harrow area I treat clients from all walks of life including television personalities, lawyers, medical practitioners, people about to take a driving test - the list goes on!.....

I specialise in treating clients for stress management, anxiety, depression and general health conditions in Harrow, Watford and the surrounding areas.

Reiki accelorates the body's own natural healing abilities and encourages deep relaxation, promoting a calm and peaceful sense of well being on all levels..

Achieve a feeling of inner calm, contentment and serenity with this powerful treatment.

A course of Reiki treatments can produce a deep sense of relaxation helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help to boost energy levels and help with the bodies natural healing process.

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Sue is a great Reiki Practitioner at Healing Hands In UK. I visited her several times at her clinic in Harrow for stress and the affects were amazing! All I can say is Reiki has made me a new person!

Thanks so much Sue!

Reviewed By Sasha on 25th December 2012

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