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Announcement From Honour Wellbeing: ReLocation

Elizabeth of Honour Wellbeing Reiki & Reflexology Healing Practice is delighted to announce that her Healing Room has
now relocated to a lovely new spacious home in Cheltenham which will enable Honour Wellbeing to expand, evolve and grow
in a manner which will best meet the needs of All.

Honour Wellbeing officially re-opened as from Saturday 22nd April 2017 (World Earth Day).

New client appointments for all Treatments are now being taken.

The new address for Honour Wellbeing is: 1 Albert Court, Albert Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL52 2TN

It is located on the junction of Albert Road and Central Cross Drive.

I look forward very much to welcoming you there.


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Chanter and I am a Shamanic Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner and Crystal Reiki Healer. My work is about gently helping you to be released from the patterns of your life which no longer serve you, and to be restored in all aspects of your being: Spirit, Mind, Heart, Emotion and Body

Crystal Reiki Healing in particular brings about the profoundest yet gentle healing for all aspects of your Gem Essence.

I believe in the importance and power of hope, and in the healing power of listening and touch. Reiki works from the inside out and can:

Enhance spiritual evolution
Help you to realise your dreams and hopes
Bring peace of mind
Improve immunity
Renew and increase energies
Gently release emotional wounding
Offer physical ease

I am firmly earthed and attuned in the traditional Japanese Usui Tradition of Natural Healing, and also trained in Advanced Crystal Reiki and Shamanic Golden Way Reiki Practice. This allows me to offer you a progressive and structured way forward that is properly earthed, boundaried and safe.

Our whole life is a journey - a journey during which many things happen to us - some are wonderful and amazing, and others create challenges and difficult times. I view these challenges as opportunities to grow - however, it is easier when we have the right people alongside us. It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to assist many people to heal, whether they would just like some gentle nurturing and replenishment, have been through painful emotional experiences, feel a little stuck in their lives, are physically unwell, or have a dream which doesn't seem to becoming true. As I work with my clients, we take many different journeys together, during which people discover gifts and potential within themselves which they often never dreamt of as possible.

If you are unsure what might suit you best, or if you have any questions or queries then please do send me an email or give me a call on 01242 321509 and I will be very happy to help you.

Golden Way Reiki:

A cycle of Golden Way Reiki Treatments is a lovely way to begin to release and clear emotional wounds and old patterns of thinking, making way for a new start. We begin by gently shining a light on the issues which are holding you back or making you feel obstructed.

New Life OptiMum Treatments

A range of Golden Way Reiki, Crystal Reiki Healing and Reflexology which can be specifically tailored to gently heal the effects of birth trauma, issues around fertility and conception, and to promote healthy pregnancies for mum and baby. The greater the health and well-being of the parents in the three months prior to conception, the greater the chance of conception of healthy full term pregnancies and trouble free births.

Elemental Reiki Healing:

A special cycle of Elemental Treatments to re-align your whole being:
Open (Body), Still (Mind), Centre (Spirit), Release (Emotion) and Re-vitalise (Energy).

Crystal Reiki Healing:

A lovely, gently re-balancing way to receive Treatments combined with the clear, clean energy of specially selected crystals. Especially helpful to prepare for healthy pregnancy and to heal the effects of birth trauma.

*Emotional Clearing, Cleansing and Healing
Replenish & Rebalance

* Energetic/Vibrational Healing)
Includes healing of issues around self-confidence, creativity and immunity

1. Angel Fire Cycle (profound family healing of 3 treatments - a Rebirthing Cycle)
2. Golden Ray Cycle (personal karmic healing of 5 treatments - re-balancing of the Golden and Silver Energies)

*Calming and Healing for the Mind - Mastery Cycle of 4 Advanced Reiki Treatments

* Attunement and Training:
Digital Foundation First Degree
Digital Journeyman Second Degree

Location Map: Cheltenham | Gloucestershire | GL52 2TN


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When I watch my children playing and hear their laughter, I see the pure joy they are experiencing in their lives, at that exact moment. Elizabeth has reminded me that I can also feel this way, that I can find joy in my own life. I have begun a very exciting journey with Elizabeth, as I have received reiki treatment and Golden Reiki Way first degree attunement. I know that reiki can change my life, and as such ensure that my children have a wonderful future. Thank-you Elizabeth x

Reviewed By Erika Beale on 24th February 2014

Thank you Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is quite simply amazing. I have seen her for Reflexology, Homeopathy and Reiki over a period of several years and she has assisted in transforming my life. She is calm, kind and caring and listens attentively. Elizabeth has empowered me to make the changes I needed to in order to heal and I will always be grateful to her.
I can highly recommend her, if you are reading this review and wondering whether to see Elizabeth I would urge you to go ahead as you have everything to gain.

Reviewed By R Clee on 10th February 2014

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