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Apr 2017

Okuden (Third Degree / Reiki Master Practitioner)
Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 5AL

Okuden (Third Degree / Reiki Master Practitioner)


- Referred to in the West as: Reiki Master Practitioner level.
- Focusses on a lifelong commitment to the mastery of Reiki, as part of your continuing journey towards Satori (enlightenment)
- Connects you to a very fine Reiki frequency, used for soul healing.
- Duration: 1 (or 2 days at the discretion of the teacher).
- Receive on-going support.

Please note: a £50 deposit is required on booking in order to reserve your place on the course. This is non-refundable in the event of your cancellation, unless your place can be filled. Installment plan available upon request.

Adrian Perkins
Komyo ReikiDo Master Teacher.
Reiki, Reflexology & Indian Head Massage Therapist

Tel: (+44) 01329 230943
Mob: (+44) 07824 555065

73 Nicholas Crescent
Hampshire PO15 5AL
UK - Reiki Courses and Treatments in Fareham, Hampshire, Sussex, Brighton, Chichester and London.


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