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May 2017

Reiki 1 class
Yate, Gloucestershire, BS37 4DH

An introductory course for those wishing to be attuned to Reiki for self healing and to use on family and friends.

The class is small with no more than 4 students and is held over two days in a safe and relaxed environment.

During the first day the basics of Reiki healing are covered showing how this energy can assist in everyday life. The history of this system of natural healing dating back to Usui is discussed together with an understanding of the Reiki Principles.
Two attunements are given connecting the student to the Reiki energy and this is followed by knowledge of the Energy centres and how our mental and emotional state affects them.
Hand postions are demonstrated for a self treatment and a practical session is carried out to provide confidence for the student.

On the second day the student receives two more attunements and is taught: the many uses for Reiki and how to prepare for a treatment on someone else. How to create a healing space is also discussed.
Hand postions are demonstrated for treating others including a seated treatment and this is followed by a practical exercise.

Each student is given homework and encouraged to keep a journal to show their personal experiences and practical work.

Each student receives a certificate, CD and a manual and supported as much as is necessary with regular Reiki shares as a contact with other students.

An application form can be obtained by email.


Other Courses / Events by: Sue Rogers Reiki Master Teacher

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